It’s beginning to look like my great summer adventure is becoming a ‘comedy of errors’.  I have   decided to team up with my gal pal, Sandra Carpenter in one rig to tour the Pacific Northwest.  We reasoned that it would cut expenses and we could both reap the benefit.  It started getting really hot in southern New Mexico, so we decided to leave the area sooner than we had planned.  A few days before we left Columbus, a wind gust grabbed Sandra’s door and literally threw her out of her rig onto the ground.  Those of you who know Sandra also know she is affectionately referred to as one of them ‘skinny-ass bitches’.  She has had a few broken bones in the past from falls and we feared the worst.  Fortunately, she doesn’t appear to have broken anything but she is quite bruised and sore.  We finally got her belongings in my rig and got her rig into storage and off we go!  We arrived at my daughter’s house in Albuquerque on the 7th.  That afternoon as I was carrying some things out of the rig into my daughter’s house, I fell and cracked my head on the sidewalk.  After a trip to the emergency room, I landed on my daughter’s couch with a concussion and there I have remained for the last 9 days.  The doctor says I probably didn’t do any lasting damage unless I re-injure myself.  It has gotten better each day, things have stopped spinning for the most part, I have stopped vomiting, the headache is ever so slight and I expect to be back on the road sometime this week.  I have a friend here in Albuquerque, Barry Stone, who has come over and helped me out with my rig.  He unhooked my car and backed the rig in my daughter’s driveway.  He leveled it and Sandra has been staying in it while I stayed in the house.  We are a’fine pair to draw to’.  I will be posting again when I have something exciting to report…..soon, I hope.


3 thoughts on “2014-7

  1. OMG, that’s just terrible! I’m so glad Sandra didn’t break anything, even though it sounds like a bad fall – but your fall sounds even worse. I hope you have a full recovery. Here’s what I say to myself when I start moving too fast “Take it slow, think about what you’re doing.” 4 beat rhythm, 4 slow steps. I literally say that from time to time. (To myself, of course.) Traveling alone, I worry about falls.

    I was hoping to meet up with you guys again at Storrie Lake. 🙂

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