Well, it’s just about time to start my summer travels again.  I’ve had a good winter, but I’m ready to get ‘back out there’.  I left Yuma on May 7th and drove to Sun City, Az where my mother currently lives.  I have been here for a week where I was joined by an older sister, an older brother, 2 younger sisters, a nephew, a niece and my daughter to celebrate Mother’s Day with mom.  We also celebrated her 90th birthday.  It was great to see family members that I don’ t get to see very often.  I plan to leave here Monday and travel to Gallup, NM.

On Tuesday, I will arrive at the Sims Marina at Navajo Lake State Park to work as camp host for the summer.  I don’t know yet what kinds of duties I will have.  I’m really looking forward to getting up to a higher elevation.  I always love the trees and lakes.  I hope some of my buddies will come by to visit.  The campground has all electric hook ups but they do allow boondocking by the lake.  I don’t have any pictures yet because I have a new tablet and I haven’t figured out how to use it yet.   Rest assured, I will.  (even if I have to get RV John  on the phone to ‘splain’ it to me)

I should have something to photograph and something of interest to show and tell by the end of next week.  Till then, love to all.


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